There are many ways to build better prospecting lists. First, the use of telesales scripts to automate prospecting. Scripts described above can be very effective, but you cannot grow your business by only using them. The real growth potential comes when you combine script-based prospecting with a quality sales navigator and an autoresponder. Second, salespeople can generate more business just by getting out and talking to more people! Here are three reasons why this is possible. Learn more about building better prospecting lists at

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Using sales scripts to automate the prospecting process removes the human element from the sales process. Of course, it is impossible to remove human interaction from the sales process altogether. However, salespeople who have complete control over the process of prospecting are infinitely more productive than those who are forced to deal with prospects in an unpredictable environment.

Scripts used for prospecting calls can build better prospecting lists in other ways. For example, salespersons who have complete control over their prospects’ contact information love to ask questions about things like income and credit history. They want to know these things to better judge the financial risk/reward ratio of a prospective client. And finally, salespeople who can manage their prospects’ contact information love to hear from clients where they stand today regarding income, equity, debt ratio, etc. This information gives them a head start on negotiating a good sales contract.

Finally, using a sales navigator and an autoresponder gives salespeople a single, easy-to-operate interface to manage all of their contacts. When prospects’ information is captured and placed in the appropriate accounts, the sales team is immediately notified. This means that there are no lead-elimination steps to take or any time-consuming prospecting process to duplicate. A salesperson doesn’t need to spend valuable time with each prospect individually anymore.

All of this automatically increases sales productivity, which in turn increases the company’s bottom line income. The only question now is how do you capture your prospects’ information and use it to build your sales gravy train? This is quickly done using what is called the sales funnel.

This is where a course may be the most critical tool in your sales team arsenal. The course can help you capture your prospects’ names and information so that you can follow up with them at any time. Also, this kind, of course, may help you eliminate costly “noise” that comes from prospecting efforts gone bad, such as false leads, unresponsive customers, un-returned phone calls, unauthorized credit card charges, and so forth.

In addition, prospects don’t want to feel like they are being sold to. They want a personal relationship with a professional. This is why salespeople should know how to identify their potential prospects’ needs and desires before they even speak to them. This is not difficult, but it does take some knowledge and practice. Fortunately, many good prospecting techniques can significantly improve your prospecting skills and cut down on the number of prospecting calls and letters you have to send out.

Salespeople who learn how to build their prospecting lists will save their company money because they won’t outsource their prospecting activities. You can also use your prospecting skills to sell your own products or services in your own business. That’s another great thing about the chrome extension: It allows you to make sales from anywhere. If you want to start selling, all you have to do is install the Chrome extension.